DIY Tutorials

DIY TUTORIAL: hex nut earrings

As something of a maker, I like the idea of incorporating every day, utilitarian materials in pieces that I repurpose. I can’t take credit for this beautifully simple idea (I found it over at craftgawker, which is an awesome site for DIY inspiration), but hopefully you’ll be as inspired by the idea as I was!


You will need:

2 small hex nuts

some jewelry chain in a matching finish, cut into 4 equal lengths

2 jump rings

2 earring posts

a pair of tiny needle nose pliers

It’s as easy as pie: open a jump ring and slip one end of the chain onto the ring. String one of the hex nuts on, slip the other end of the chain onto the ring, and do the same with the earring post. Close the jump ring securely (the gap should be small enough that no pieces will slip off), and repeat for a second earring.

I made these for two of my best friends, though they’ll arrive a little late for holiday presents. Did you do a DIY present this year?

Stay curious,

Screen shot 2012-10-21 at 9.59.46 PM


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