RECIPES: pizzelle


Pizelle are cookies from the Abruzzo region of Italy, and are commonly eaten during Christmas, Easter, and during weddings. I recently discovered that this delicate, fragrant cookie is not even a teeny fraction of the work it looks like. Of course, you do need to go out to Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma and get a pizelle iron (think of a panini press or a waffle iron, but razor thin). Yesterday I borrowed my friend’s iron and made 3 dozen to share at work!

Pizelle recipes abound on the internet, and like this one, most will give you a good approximation of the Italian version. Common flavors are anise, vanilla, or lemon zest, but as with anything, let your imagination be your guide!

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

Stay curious,

Screen shot 2012-10-21 at 9.59.46 PM


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